Our Projects


Christus Health Foundation:

Sankofa worked with Rice University to recruit, hire and train students and parents to collect information from school communities regarding their interest in receiving health information and health services to inform the expansion of CHRISTUS school-based health clinics


Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance:

Sankofa assisted this community group in developing a research project that involved hiring and training residents to collect information on walking and biking patterns in their neighborhoods to engage the support of the National Park Service to increase modes of mobility.


Rice University’s Baker Institute:

Sankofa facilitated focus groups to collect information from elementary students, school staff and parents regarding their interest and the utility of web-based education to positively affect the health and well-being of families.


Project Row Houses:

Sankofa assist this nonprofit in collecting information from students and parents to develop a new program that supports historically underserved high school students in earning college degrees or securing career-based training after high school.


Harris County Hospital District Foundation:

Sankofa worked with a local community organization to develop and implement an evaluation plan to assess the impact of a newly created afterschool program that focuses on physical activity and nutrition to positively affect the health- related literacy, levels, behaviors, and self-perception of middle school students.


Dance Source Houston (DSH):

Assisting this local nonprofit in conducting focus groups and analyzing online surveys to specify the outcomes of its 1st Annual Barnstorm Dance Fest.  Additionally, SRI is supporting DSH in developing a formal evaluation plan for assessing the impact of the 2nd Annual Barnstorm Dance Fest on the artists and organizations that it engages and the audience base that the event targets.



St. Anne Catholic Community:

Assist the members of the community in developing a new initiative to support the educational and career goals of the students in its congregation, specifically those who are historically-underserved. To inform this initiative, SRI is providing training and support to conduct focus groups, perform secondary data analysis, complete in-person interviews, and establish an evaluation plan.