Our Work

Research. Co-create. Advocate.

Sankofa utilizes Community Based Participatory Research to engage a diverse set of individuals in creating knowledge to identify, develop and advance innovative strategies to build effective communities. We use Training, Mentoring and Collaborative Dialogues  to increase the capacity of community members to partner in research with academics and community partners.

Why Sankofa’s Work is Unique.

Community Initiated Research

Sankofa’s research projects are initiated by communities seeking collaboration in their efforts to affect social change.

We are Embedded in the Communities We Serve

We work with communities, in communities and for communities.

Sankofa is a Uniquely Blended Group

We are Community Members, Professional Researchers, Academics, and Community Leaders.

We Promote Community Self-determination

We build the capacity of community members to be research partners.

Our Work Seeks Positive Social Change

We work to strengthen communities by connecting research to social action.

Our Research Impacts Public Policy

Our research creates valuable information that has the power to inform change at a governmental level.

It is Hard to Argue the Facts, and We Have Them

Our research produces facts and figures. Data is a powerful tool that can easily and rightfully change people’s understanding of issues and influence their actions.

We Value All Collaborators and Partners

A tenet of the research model we employ is shared ownership of research and data. All partners share in ownership of the research project from conception to completion. 

We Integrate Knowledge and Action

We believe that it takes both to facilitate social change.