Community Based Participatory Research

Connect. Compile. Analyze. Define.

Sankofa Research Institute supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge through the use of the community based research (CBPR) approach. CBPR starts with the creation of partnerships between trained researchers and members of the community. Community members participate as co-researchers and as equal partners.

A Shared, Iterative Process

Partners are contributors to the research design and implementation and share ownership in the data, analysis and findings.

Key Principles

  • Collective Vision of Goals
  • Supportive Team Environment
  • Capacity Building
  • Open Transparent Process
  • Equitable Collaboration
  • Shared Ownership of Research Data
  • Dissemination Strategies for Community Benefit and Social Change

Our community research projects do not end with the project. The community has learned skills from their partnership with Sankofa Research Institute. The knowledge the community develops through its education and training in community based participatory research will encourage members to move forward and begin again with other issues of interest to their community.

The skills they have developed in their community partnership education can also serve to distinguish them in other areas of life.

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